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Welcome to Sugar Clay Cafe!

Our Site Will Be Updating NEW stock APRIL 2014!

Welcome to Sugar Clay Cafe where everything is "Fresh out of the Oven!"

Here you will find wonderfully decorated sweets and treats made from clay that you can wear!

Our unique clay pieces have the free service option of scented or unscented.

We invite you to experience a bright, happy place and take with you a smile ^_^

Shipments go out every Monday and Thursday

Please Check our convention schedule, as we will not be able to mail out during those times.

Custom and International orders inquire via email

Thank you for visiting Sugar Clay Cafe! 

Pastel Lollipop-
Pastel Lollipop
$5.00 - $7.00
Sweet Cream Galaxy Pearl Mint Kitty-
Sweet Cream Galaxy Pearl Mint Kitty
Bunny Waffles-
Bunny Waffles
$6.00 - $11.00
Double Bunnies Pastel Baby Stars-
Double Bunnies Pastel Baby Stars
Cafe Cake Hats "Soda Pop"-
Cafe Cake Hats "Soda Pop"
Out of Stock
My Little Pony TEN INCH Plush
Big Dreamy Cupcake Chocolate Mint Steam Punk Bunny-
Big Dreamy Cupcake Chocolate Mint Steam Punk Bunny
Out of Stock
Spoons n' Forks Hot Pink Lacey Bow-
Spoons n' Forks Hot Pink Lacey Bow
MLP FiM Apple Jack Cutie Mark Earrings-
MLP FiM Apple Jack Cutie Mark Earrings
iphone 4/4s Fluttershy Case-
iphone 4/4s Fluttershy Case
iphone 4/4s Derpy Case-
iphone 4/4s Derpy Case
iphone 4/4s DJ Pony Case-
iphone 4/4s DJ Pony Case
iphone 4/4s Dr. Whooves Case-
iphone 4/4s Dr. Whooves Case
Sports Watch Derpy-
Sports Watch Derpy
Out of Stock
Pocket Watch Dr. Whooves-
Pocket Watch Dr. Whooves
Out of Stock
Bracelet 8 Cabochon Pony-
Bracelet 8 Cabochon Pony
Pony Pillow 14 x 14 Dj-PoN 3-
Pony Pillow 14 x 14 Dj-PoN 3
Pony Pillow 14 x 14 Fluttershy-
Pony Pillow 14 x 14 Fluttershy
Pony Pillow 14 x 14 Derpy-
Pony Pillow 14 x 14 Derpy
Pony Pillow 14 x 14 Rarity-
Pony Pillow 14 x 14 Rarity
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